Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Hello, 2017!

Dear Room 14,

Welcome to Year 6! You are now at the top of the syndicate and, as such, are now the leaders. Your responsibility this year is to be a good role model to the new Year 5 students by being caring, committed, respectful and enthusiastic about learning. What do you want to achieve this year? Now is a good time to think about our goals both individually and as a class.

Our unit for the first half of the term ties in well with this concept. We will explore the idea that success is determined by people's values and choices, not simply their knowledge or skill. Throughout the unit we will analyse what success is, what it means to different people, and how it is influenced by our individual perspectives. We will read the biographies of inspirational people and conduct research to write our own. We will also write our own goals to set us up for a successful year!

I know it is going to be a great year and I am looking forward to teaching you all.

Miss Gilbert